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New Mih Products Download links

New Mih Products Download links

Hi Every One . due to some study staff icant maintain the Support forum so i closed it for while and im going to reopen ater 3 weeks or so .

here is the new download links for all mih products. its not include the search script do you to the server issues .

Multi Image Hosting

Multi Forum Hosting

Thanks Ahmed

MFH Official release download

Mihalism Technologies is releasing the first ever free, open source, and easy to use phpBB3 hosting script. Unlike our previous versions of Mihalism Multi Forum Host, that ran Invison Power Board, this script is completely built from the ground up, a system which will work for everyone. The new system uses a single URL rewrite statement to make short URLs, unlike the old way when we created forum files. In addition, the administrators now have more control over their hosted forums. An administrator can add another admin, manage directory categories, delete forums, etc. So download today, and enjoy the power that Mihalism Multi Forum Host can provide.

Mihalism Multi Forum Host is released under the GNU Version 2 General Public License. By downloading the script you agree to the terms and coditions set forth in the License. A copy of the license can be found within the download archive under the filename LICENSE.txt.




Welcome Back Mihalism Technologies

Welcome Back Mihalism Technologies

In the last few days Mihalism Technologies official website down and still down for now.

Im Ahmed friend te owner of MiH Technology and i bought the mih. org and .info in the last mih tech birthday

ut he tell me to keep it in my account as he dont love godady :-)

any way .

after the last down i really think in make some thing good for Mih so i opened this Blog

in this log im going to give support to any one who need support about Mih Tech ,release new themes ,and some Good mod

so Welcome Back Mih and good luck for all.
( Big Note) Im not the owner of Mih technologies i just want to keep the site live
im not going to change any copyrights
this forum going o give support only not new releases for any product)

Ahmed ;) ;)