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New Mih Products Download links

New Mih Products Download links

Hi Every One . due to some study staff icant maintain the Support forum so i closed it for while and im going to reopen ater 3 weeks or so .

here is the new download links for all mih products. its not include the search script do you to the server issues .

Multi Image Hosting

Multi Forum Hosting

Thanks Ahmed

New MMH Template Or Gradient Template 1

New MMH Template Or Gradient Template 1

this new gradient ihave made for MMH

download from the attachment

just upload the new css folder over the exiting one

Ahmed ;) ;)

The Official MMH Release Download

The Official MMH Release Download

here is he official MMH download

Welcome to Mihalism Multi Host! The Mihalism Multi Host mission is to provide the
best image hosting software in the world. Our users know from experience that no
hosting script on the Internet comes close to the power that Mihalism Multi Host
can provide. Mihalism, Inc’s development team knows that security and compatibility
are the most important parts of any software. Therefore, we have developed advanced
features that are compatible with almost any systems. So welcome to Mihalism Multi
Host, we know you will love using it!

Table of Content:

I. System Requirements
II. Installation
III. Licensing
IV. Upgrading
V. More Information

I. System Requirements:

You will need to have the following to allow Mihalism Multi Host to operate:

1. Apache Web Server
2. MySQL Database Server
3. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
4. GD Graphics Library

If you are hosting your website on your own machines and not a web host, then
skip these requirements because they do not apply to you.

There are two things that are required by your web hosting company if you are
going to be starting an image hosting website. First off, your web hosting company
should provide a large amount of disk space to store all your hosted images on.
A good image hosting web site can go through 10 Gigabytes+ of storage a year.
Secondly, your hosting company must provide enough bandwidth per month or year
to keep up with the amount of requests an image will be getting.

II. Installation

Follow the following steps to begin installation of Mihalism Multi Host:

1) Once downloaded, unpack the content of the .zip archive to a folder of your choice.

2) If your computer is not your actual web server, upload the content of the folder to
your web server.

3) In a web browser, go to location of where you uploaded the content.

4) Once there, follow the instructions on the screen.

III. Licensing

Mihalism Multi Host is released under the GNU Version 3 General Public License. By using
the script you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the License. A copy of the
license is packaged with the script in the file LICENSE.txt.

V. More Information

For more information on how to use Mihalism Multi Host please visit us at